Government forms technical commission to work on lithium


The Government, through Minister Juan Ramón Quintana, decided to form a technical inter-institutional commission that works on the analysis and evaluation of the lithium project, according to the newspaper El Potosí, of that city.

The statements arose at the conclusion of the third day of indefinite general unemployment of the Potosinist Civic Committee (Comcipo) in demand of greater royalties for the industrialization of lithium. These protests included marches, blocking points, the suspension of school work and the closing of some shops.

Given this situation,

Quintana held a meeting yesterday afternoon in the Uyuni potosine population with representatives of Comcipo and other regional entities. On behalf of the Government, authorities from the Bolivian Ministry of Energy and Lithium Deposits (YLB) participated.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister announced the formation of an inter-institutional commission to correct the decree. Quintana said that most social organizations do not want the repeal of Decree 3738, but their revision.

The technical commission will also be responsible for monitoring and monitoring the project, at the recommendation of the organizations.

“The rules are perfectible,

you must evaluate the regulatory consistency and statutes. If there is a need to make modifications in a technical way, we will do so. The laws are not carved in iron, all the rules are perfectible, ”he said at the end of the briefing in Uyuni.

Until the closing of this edition, it was unknown if Comcipo would accept to be part of this commission and if they lifted the pressure measures.

Shortly before attending the meeting, they warned that they attended only to listen and not to negotiate, and that any decision would be taken in the Advisory Council.

Another concern was that the commission announced by the Minister of the Presidency be formed, mostly by entities related to the MAS.

Quintana, on the other hand, said that the Government was always ready for dialogue, but asked the Civic Committee to lift its pressure measures.

For Quintana, talking about royalties at a time when industrialization begins is little less than “trying to kill” that project, so he asked the leaders to become aware because this issue will be widely discussed and the Government will attend as many times as they require. clear the concerns they have.


The pressure measures were assumed in a council on September 29 in demand for the repeal of Decree 3738 (approved in December 2018, which creates the public company between YLB and the German ACI Systems) and higher royalties for the exploitation of lithium.

The civic committee also asks that Potosí participate directly in the exploitation and industrialization of lithium.


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