Brain prevention or how to learn faster always


Brain prevention or how to learn faster always

The brain is a complex mechanism. Often it is even compared to a very powerful computer. And if we draw an analogy, it is easy to understand that, like any mechanism or computer, it requires systematic maintenance. Otherwise, it will be difficult for him to cope with the tasks. Here are a number of habits that you can master to make learning easier and faster:

  • Doing sports . As shown by repeated scientific studies, physical activity not only helps to improve health and train the body, but also improve brain performance. When you feel that your brain is overworked, take a break and go for a run, do a simple exercise or take a swim in the pool. After 15 minutes, you will notice that you have begun to concentrate better, and your thinking has become clear.
  • Meditation . This practice has been known since very ancient times, and people used it both to relax, relieve stress and calm thoughts, and to improve memory, concentration and other abilities, very important in life in general and in learning in particular.
  • Drinking water . You probably know very well why you need to drink water (if not, read our article “10 reasons to drink water every day”). Here we just say that scientists from the University of East London found that ordinary drinking water contributes to better concentration and solving complex problems. The Daily Mail published the results of studies according to which people who are thirsty think 14% slower than those who regularly drink water.

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  • The use of omega-3s . These acids are simply irreplaceable since normalize the nervous processes and restore them if they were disturbed. These include memory, speed of thinking, and attention. So if you want the brain to work better, eat walnuts, pumpkin seeds, halibut, sardine, mackerel and salmon. And if you like salads, add linseed oil to them – this is tasty and healthy.
  • Healthy sleep . And once again we are talking about a dream. It is necessary to get enough sleep just that the brain functioned stably and effectively. Thanks to sleep, the speed of perception increases, the ability to make decisions and make the right conclusions is improved, a high level of intelligence is provided. By the way, if, before going to bed, you re-read a lecture or poem or repeat important material, the information will be better fixed in your memory overnight.
  • Hobbies and hobbies . As has already been said more than once, constantly engaging in any one activity is not at all useful or even harmful. You must be distracted to provide the brain with a good rest. And experts recommend switching to some interesting classes. Try to find for yourself a hobby or hobby that will be associated with concentration and coordination. An example is juggling. There was even a study showing that regular juggling has a positive effect on brain function. In general, you can engage in some interesting intellectual work, for example, solving charades, puzzles, puzzles, guessing crosswords and scanwords, games for the development of thinking, etc.
  • Fun and entertainment . It has been known for hundreds of years that laughter not only improves mood and raises vitality, but also promotes the development of creativity, neutralizes negative emotions, helps to find solutions to many problems and even achieve goals faster.

Such simple brain prophylaxis will help you to always be positive and successfully cope with various tasks, including educational ones. However, the learning process can be improved many times in other ways. Let’s see what else we can do to learn faster.


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