Amazon Takes Alexa To Headphones, Glasses And Even Rings

The American multinational Amazon announced on Wednesday new smart devices that operate with its virtual voice assistant Alexa, among which are wireless headphones, a frame of glasses and even rings.
At an event dedicated to hardware at its headquarters in Seattle (Washington state, USA), the company led by Jeff Bezos also revealed updated models of its range of Echo speakers, including a large version with Dolby Atmos surround sound.
Perhaps the product that has attracted the attention of all those presented by Amazon this Wednesday has been the wireless headphones, baptized as Echo Buds and called to compete with the popular Apple AirPods, which in recent years have risen as the great dominators of this segment.

The Echo Buds are black, priced at $ 129, Bose noise cancellation technology, they have Alexa integrated so that just ask them things like “Alexa, play my favorite music list” and, according to Amazon, the Battery life is five hours.
An element that aroused curiosity about the unexpected of its announcement was the frame for glasses, as it recalls the failed smart glasses of Google, the Google Glass, which despite causing a stir in the months prior to its release, They never made a dent among users.
Despite the almost inevitable comparisons, Amazon’s glasses do not include a fundamental aspect of those developed by Google: the projection against the lens, so that the “smart” component of the Amazon model is limited to the voice assistant and therefore to the to be able to interact verbally with them.

But if there was a product that really raised eyebrows at the presentation this Wednesday, it was Echo Loop, a black ring with two microphones and similar in appearance to smart watches that, among other things, allows you to interact with your mobile phone or speakers smart. The ring is priced at $ 129.99, while the glasses frame, which weighs 31 grams, costs $ 179.99.
The novelties in terms of speakers were more traditional and consisted mainly of “updates” of old models, as well as Echo Studio, the largest and highest quality version of the entire line and which, according to Amazon, “allows sound 3D “.

In parallel to the hardware announcements, the Seattle company revealed that Alexa will have in the coming weeks the option of having its voice sound like that of actor Samuel L. Jackson, as well as those of other celebrities in the future.
Amazon said Jackson’s bass voice will be available in English before the end of the year at an additional cost of 99 cents, and that those of other celebrities will arrive in 2020 at the same price. Bezos’ firm said that replicating the voice of Jackson and the rest of the celebrities is possible thanks to the new technology also presented this Wednesday “Text to Neuronal Speech” that better mimics the human voice giving it “greater emotion and expressiveness.”

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